#tuesdaycorenight #7 – September 28, 2015

Before we begin, I have to apologize for missing last week’s Tuesday core night. Unfortunately, I don’t have an excuse – it was just a busy week! To make up for it, I have an even EASIER Tuesday core night for you all.

I’ve decided to break my routine a little bit this week by not following my typical 14 minute core workout. Instead, I’ve decided to condense the workout, making it shorter but unfortunately just as hard:

  • 1 min of bicycles, kicking your legs as fast as possible with 1 min of rest
  • Repeat 4 times

Close your lap top, shut off your ipad, lock your phone and take a few minutes to do this exercise! As always, take a picture or video of yourself participating in #tuesdaycorenight, and post it on instagram using our hashtag. I hope you enjoy! 🙂

climb on xx