#tuesdaycorenight #9 – October 20, 2015

Tuesday just creeps up on us so quickly, doesn’t it? If this is your first time following my #tuesdaycorenight posts, welcome! I created this weekly post to remind you to focus on your core, even if it is only once a week. Like most core routines, mine are short and sweet! Intense but quick, so it’s (theoretically) easier to push through.

This routine is similar to last week’s except it is slightly more amped up. I look forward to doing this tonight with the girls. We throw on some good tunes, clear some space and get to it. We try our best to make it enjoyable – it helps us ignore the burning sensation. If you can’t get your crew together, turn on the TV or lay outside in the sun (if you live in a magical non-frigid place unlike myself). Enjoy! 🙂

**note: Each set begins with a different exercise; the exercises that follow remain the same.

Repeat X3

1st set only: 1 min: hold leg raise (lay flat on your back, with legs 1/2 foot hovering over ground. Hold!)

2nd set only: 1 min: straight arm plank

3rd set only: 1 min: forearm plank

1 min: bicycle

1 min: side plank (rotate side after 30secs)

1 min: bicycles

2min rest


climb on xx