10 Problems for Female Climbers

10 Female Climber Problems

The world of climbing is riddled with problems (especially boulder problems… get it? Weak, I know). If you’re a female climber, you get to face your own set of problems that men typically do without. Here’s a few:

  1. Having your painted nails completely destroyed after a climbing sesh. Or, never painting your nails because the act has become so pointless.
  2. Finding clothes that fit your back muscles. I’ve had to stitch up the back of my Guess jacket too many times to count.
  3. Never having soft hands because of permanent calluses. Sometimes my hands catch on fabric… that’s always weird.
  4. Having your strength underestimated. Several times at the grocery store cashiers have asked me if I needed help with my one heavy bag. I don’t look strong, I get it.
  5. Working extra hard on dynos. I don’t know what it is, but they just seem harder for us.
  6. Having chalk on your face constantly. This is a problem when you head out somewhere after climbing in your normal non-climbing clothes.
  7. Peeing at the crag. Men take 3 steps away and they’re good to go. It’s a whole ordeal for us.
  8. Having too many tights/sports bras. I have two drawers for mine. I’m not proud of this.
  9. Remembering not to wear bracelets/rings and remembering where you put said bracelets/rings. Weeks and months will go by where I know my ring is not lost, but put somewhere “safe” in one of my climbing packs.
  10. Hair falling in your face in the middle of a climb. The trick is to bobby pin the shit out of your hair, but some stubborn pieces still manage to make their wait out into view.

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16 thoughts on “10 Problems for Female Climbers

  1. This is hilarious. I still paint my nails with varnish that resembles concrete. About those calluses. I purchased a small foot machine thingy that is battery operated and files of the majority of the calluses. My hands are still tougher than most men’s hands though and as for fingerprints…. what are they?

    1. Who needs finger prints!? I should really do something about the calluses but they’re just too good for climbing! I’d rather those than flappers all the time haha!

  2. Thanks for sharing this! The back muscle thing is a real issue! Also, the leggings/sports bra thing… I had to ban myself from buying more because I have no place to put them!

  3. Adding an extra something to my aerial silking, I decided to try climbing. My fingers ache, my legs are sore, I don’t know if I’m more tired or hungry…and I love it! Great blog!!!

    1. Thank you!! Funny enough, I did the opposite – I was a climber who decided to try aerial silks. Everything hurt!! haha Keep up with the climbing! 🙂

    1. Thanks for the comment! I’m wondering what you feel is sexist about this post? I don’t feel like I have portrayed women in a bad light, so I’m curious to know what you see that I do not.

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