10 Female Climbers You Should Follow on Instagram


Low on motivation? The lady crushers of Instagram provide an unlimited supply of  perseverance and dedication when you yourself are feeling like a couch potato. Not everyone feels like hitting the gym every day, that’s just silly. But, when you have those days where you should be at the gym and you can’t seem to get your butt in gear, take a gander at some of these tough girls who did make it to the gym and it shows. It was tough to narrow it down, but here are 10 of my favourite climbers to follow on Instagram! Enjoy 🙂

meagan martin (@meaganmartin89)

Strong like a Ninja Warrior! I had the pleasure of watching her climb in person, and I’ve never seen someone smile so much through a climb. She always seems to have a great attitude and just seems like a genuinely good person.

ashima ashiraishi (@ashimashiraishi)

She has accomplished so much in her young climbing career that you would think she’d be approaching retirement! I cannot wait to see where she is headed since she is only in her mid-teens and is arguably one of the strongest female climbers in the world. I’ve also seen her climb in person and for being so timid, she sure knows how to draw a crowd. Her technique is flawless!

alex johnson (@alexjohnson89)

Professional climber and regular bad ass. She always seems to be travelling and climbing outdoors in cool places, and I really get the travel bug when I look through her photos. I think my favourite post from her ever is a video of her attempting a front flip after a deep water solo, only to land in the water not as expected. Such a bad ass!

courtney sanders (@courtneyasanders)

I think this girl should be any new climber’s inspiration. In just two years of climbing, she had already climbed v10 and 13b, and within 3 years she was able to climb 2 v11s in one day! Besides showcasing her own talent indoors and outdoors, her posts occasionally feature her climbing friends like Sasha Diguilian and Alex Puccio.

leah crane (@leahcraneclimbing)

I discovered Leah Crane through Shauna Coxsey, another great person to follow on insta. Leah trains and climbs with Shauna, occasionally doing acro yoga together. Leah climbs in the world cups and is such a strong climber and competitor. She made the list because she often posts videos of herself climbing, and I love watching people climb hard stuff!

kacy wilson (@wilsonkacy)

Kacy is a fellow Canadian who also enjoys working the competitive Canadian circuit. The only difference: she does quite well! She often posts cool videos of hard boulder problems as well as honest updates on what she does for training and how it’s going for her. Cool stuff!

sasha digiulian (@sashadigiulian)

Yeah, like there was any doubt she would make the list. I don’t know where she finds the time to do all that she does, but I’m happy that she posts about it! From claiming new FAs one day to formal galas the next, she’s always up to something. And of course, she’s a strong and fearless climber.

katherine vanderford (@ladybrd)

She is strong, and poetic! Her pictures and videos on hard boulder problems are almost always juxtaposed with an inspirational quote. It sounds cheesy, but she picks some really great quotes. My spirit always feels lifted after visiting. 🙂

anna davey (@anna.davey)

Very strong and down to earth, Anna is a competitive climber, weightlifter and fitness model. You can always find her in the comments section responding to questions or comments and her frequent posts are always entertaining. She just seems like someone you could easily meet up with at the gym and work some beta!

nina williams (@sheneenagins)

Another bad ass (a common theme amongst all these women). She has been climbing her entire life and climbs often with her other well known climbing friends. This is someone who you can tell climbs for no one but herself, and has accomplished some wicked sends.


Climb on xx

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