Tour de Bloc at Centre d’Escalade Verticale ft. Ketchup Bottle

Tour de Bloc // Centre d’Escalade Verticale // Montreal, Quebec.

Results: 13th in Open

Cool shiny volume – this was the finish hold for Women’s Final #1!

For the first Tour de Bloc competition of the season, I think it went well. I managed a 13th place finish and a few flashes on some hard stuff. I didn’t think my training would show but it really did; my body felt much more capable of dealing with small crimps and big moves. All that work is paying off! Yay! That alone feels pretty satisfying.

I tried a dyno at the end of the competition that just psyched me out. It was really straightforward, but the dyno was the last move so I was already high off the ground and nervous about landing awkwardly. I don’t know why I get nervous about that, I just have to go for it! Also, I’d like to try harder routes next time. I did hard routes, but I should have tried even harder stuff. I think I sell myself short on what I can do at a comp, so I tend to go towards problems I feel like I could get in a couple of tries. There’s a chance I wouldn’t have gotten anything, but it would have made a world of difference if I had. I was only 125 points away from a spot in finals so even if I had sent one harder problem it might have put me in contention! The strategy part of comps is a work in progress, and it’s coming along slowly!

Resting for our comp next weekend will be tough, but since it’s CEC sanctioned (AKA a national qualifier) rest is CRUCIAL. I’m not so good at the resting thing, so I’ve got to really pull it together this time.


On to the ketchup bottle. As my last video suggests, I have recently worked my way into making homemade liquid chalk for myself. When I decided on pursuing the idea, I knew I needed a container to contain it that would be a suitable size with a durable cover that would prevent a liquid disaster in my pack. Low and behold, the Dollarama had a wide array of travel shampoo containers that fit the bill perfectly. I located a cute purple squeeze bottle that fit in my palm and seemed more or less trustworthy (for the Dollarama at least). I was very pleased.

Although I was aware of Seb’s choice of container prior to the comp, I couldn’t help but laugh anyway when he came out from isolation for finals carrying a full-size bottle of Heinz Ketchup. Only it wasn’t ketchup, and it wasn’t mayo, no, it was a healthy dose of liquid chalk. I suppose, when you compare it his former choices like a bottle of Finesse Shampoo and a bottle of Donair sauce, a ketchup bottle doesn’t look so out of place anymore, does it? Oh, the hilarity.

All in all, great comp! Although, right now I don’t feel so great as I nurse a sore body and skinless finger tips, but that’s the way it goes!

Climb on xx