New Welsford Boulders!

img_2773Earlier in the week before the sickness set in, I went out to see the recently discovered boulder field near Mt. Doug in Welsford. We have quite the selection of prime sport/trad routes in New Brunswick, but not too much in the likes of bouldering. We really have nothing to complain about though – we’re quite fortunate to have so many routes in our province and especially such a large percentage of them sitting only 45 minutes away from Fredericton. But still, these boulders are a huge deal. 

Days after the dozens of granite boulders were discovered, climbers were already hard at work scrubbing and cleaning. The boulders and the connecting trail will require lots of TLC but people have already taken it upon themselves to head out and scrub their days away in the spirit of bouldering. Climbing community for the win! The crag is in its early stages, but there’s already a days worth of problems ripe for the sending.img_2736

I didn’t get much footage, and I unfortunately forgot to film the first boulder off the trail. Oops, too excited I guess? I promise to deliver more videos in the future as more problems develop! The video below is really just a sneak peek of the 2nd and 3rd boulders, but we spent most of our time at the 3rd. Forgive me for kind of slow video, but stick out the first part and you’ll be rewarded with some climbing at the end!

For more up to date info check out the New Brunswick Climbing facebook page.

Note: Those pristine routes you get on now were once a mess of lichen, moss, loose rock and maybe even tree branches. Appreciate those man hours and maybe head out and scrub a new route or two yourself 🙂 Enjoy!