12 Days of Fitness Challenge: Climbing Edition!

Welcome to the 12 days of Fitness Challenge: Climbing Edition! 12 challenges in 12 days, it’s just that simple. My fitness buddy Carlie, whom you all know from previous posts, and I sat down and came up with 12 grueling fitness and climbing challenges neither of us would perform of our own volition. We wrote these challenges on 12 slips of paper, threw them in a festive stocking and will proceed to draw a new one each day!

The challenges are designed to keep us moving and focused for at least 12 days. We typically love working out, but there’s no denying it takes a back burner around this time of the year. I know I am easily distracted with Christmas movies, parties, and every kind of treat known to man. Also, it’s cold and getting harder to venture out to the gym… that’s life in Canada!

We are starting today, December 1st, and going straight until December 12th. We’ve both decided that since we are mixing home workouts with climbing workouts, and some challenges require a climbing gym to perform, we are giving ourselves only 2 chances to re-draw a challenge we don’t want to do.

I encourage YOU to grab a buddy, put on some hot chocolate, and brainstorm some nice, painful challenges. If you like our ideas, tailor them to your level of fitness. You know better than anyone what would be a challenge for you, so pick challenges accordingly. Let me know if you’re joining along – I’d love to hear from you.

To make it extra fun, add a reward for yourselves at the end! 🙂

The Challenges:


** Pyramid Workout

Best of luck! 🙂

Climb on xx