Plans for the New Year

It sort of feels like comp season is over, but that’s not true in the slightest. Not having any immediate competitions on the horizon has made me take a longer than necessary break from my training plan… oops. However, I’m so pumped for the new year, it’s not even funny. Here’s what I have planned thus far:

  • FQME Championships @ Centre Verticale in Montreal. – January 21st 
  •  Stay in Kingston and train at the Boiler Room.  We’re hoping to stay there for the week instead of driving home and driving back the following weekend. – January 22th – 27th
  • Tour de Bloc @ Boulderz Climbing Center in Etobicoke, Ontario. We’re missing the Banff Film Festival and our annual Banff climbing competition back home to go to this one… devastating 🙁 – January 28th
  • Tour de Bloc @ Seven Bays Bouldering in Halifax. – February 25th
  • Visit brother in Vanderhoof, British ColumbiaFebruary 27th – March 2nd
  • BOULDERING NATIONALS @ Rock Jungle in Edmonton, Alberta. Still so far away, but very excited! We’ve fundraised a lot more this year too which is great when you’re flying across the country for nationals 2 years in a row! I ain’t complaining though. – March 4th
  • Red Rocks / Bishop – Nevada/California, USA. I’ve been to the Red several times, and the New once, but I’ve never been to Red Rocks and we’ll be there for TWO WHOLE WEEKS!! I’m psyched to do some more outdoor bouldering, like, really psyched. – March 6th – 20th
  • Spring Trip – TBD

And that brings us to March! I’ve got lots planned, and I’m so excited to share these adventures with you! 🙂 If anyone out there has ever been to Red Rocks, please fire me some comments about what I should get on. Also, please reassure me that I will not run into any scorpions. Or, at least feed me some lies to make me believe I won’t run into any scorpions. 🙂

I hope your new year is filled with climbing and adventure as well, and if it isn’t, I hope you enjoy every moment of it all the same. This sounds like I’m signing off until January, but rest assured I am not. I’ve got a few more posts in store for December, so just hang tight! 🙂

Climb on xx