Packing for Sport Climbing: One Day and Multi-Day

**Before leaving on any outdoor excursion, please remember to inform someone outside your party where you are going and when you are scheduled to return. **

There are many factors to consider when you start packing. Weather, length of stay, location and the type of climbing you will be doing will affect what you need to bring with you. I’ve created the following lists with sport climbing in mind because it happens to be our most commonly organized trip. If you are headed out bouldering or trad climbing, don’t fret! These lists will help you organize essential items on top of the specific things you’d need for those disciplines (like a crash pad or a trad rack). Be an informed climber – pack smart!

Although the essentials remain the same from person to person, I enjoy that everyone packs somewhat differently. Some people over pack, and some people really only bring the basics. Along with the lists, I’ve asked a few climber friends to show you what they pack when they go on a climbing trip.

Packs come in all shapes and sizes! For a day trip, aim for somewhere around 20-30 Litres. Multi-Day trips require larger packs around 50 Litres or bigger.

Also to consider:

  • Will I have access to clean water? (most campgrounds have water taps you can use, otherwise you will need to either buy water in advance or bring a water filtration device.)
  • Will I have access to food? (If you are in a remote area away from grocery stores, you will need to pack food for however many days you will be in isolation)
  • Are there bathrooms?
  • Will I need warmer clothing? Check the weather before departing!

– Day Trip – 

Day trips make us all feel like leaving our jobs and living out of a van. They’re great for when you catch an itch for sending but cannot commit to an entire weekend/week away from work or what have you. Plus, you have the added bonus of carrying a lighter pack and there’s always a shower waiting for you when you get home!

Click HERE for my day trip pack list.

Here’s what other climbers pack for a day trip:

Flips flops are great for standing around when you’re not climbing. Also, buffs are awesome to keep your hair out of your face in the wind.


Belay gloves (featured top left) are perfect for keeping your hands warm as well as avoiding friction rope burns. Also, a Swiss Army Knife will come in handy more often than you think.

– Multi-Day Trip –

There’s nothing better than spending a week (or month!) in a world class climbing destination. For some of us, these trips don’t happen as much as we’d like, but when they do happen we always make the best of them.

These trips are sometimes tricky to pack for, but that’s only because they require a bit more knowledge. You don’t want to end up bringing a bunch of shorts and t-shirts for a week of snow (been there, done that… learn from my mistake and check the weather!). Like I said before, be an informed climber and pack smart! 🙂

Click HERE for my multi-day pack list.

Check out what these girls bring on longer climbing trips:

Not featured in this photo are Emily’s bio-degradable dish towels. They come in a pack of 8 from the dollar store and look like large white mints. When placed in water, they expand and unfold to form a towel perfect for washing dishes. I use them too and they are a dream.


Having a first aid kit is something everyone should have in their pack. Also, one can never have too many carabiners (they’re also great for setting up hammocks – just saying).

Climb on xx