Training Week Part 2: Kingston

Following ‘touristy’ training week part one, training week part two provided much more climbing enjoyment! Maybe too much actually – I kind of got excited with so many new and familiar climbing gyms within a decent radius. In hindsight, cross-training would have been a good idea but climbing was on the brain so climb is what I did. It was all leading up to Toronto, so even though it was a lot of climbing it made all the difference with getting out the new gym jitters.

A little bit stormy, but nothing we couldn’t handle!
I spent most of my time on this wall at the Boiler Room!

We climbed at the Boiler Room both Tuesday and Wednesday. The smaller gym vibe reminded us of our home gym which was pretty cool. We got to try some new routes and get in some wicked beta practice. I worked some hard routes while being extra careful with my shoulder. Despite how my rotator cuff felt at the Bloc Shop, it was feeling pretty good. I made sure to warm up properly every time and tape up before doing anything so I’m sure that helped. In either case, it wasn’t as bad an injury as I had anticipated. Woo!

Malek set some competition style problems while we were there so we worked on them with him and his junior team. The first route had a neat double clutch dyno, and the second was a neat volume slab problem with a huge trust fall crux near the end. I was making progress on the crux, but I think it definitely would have taken me awhile to get the timing right. Volume problems are a rarity at our gym so it was nice to get some practice in before Toronto. Overall, it was a great, relaxed atmosphere and I thoroughly enjoyed climbing there. Psych was high!

The tall wall at Altitude. My endurance would improve so much with a wall like this at our gym!

 Wednesday we had planned to speed climb in Montreal, but that plan fell through. Fortunately, we were still near so many other gyms to try so we decided to check out one we hadn’t been to: Altitude Gym in Gatineau. It was only a 2 hour drive from Kingston which was perfect. My entire body was sore, and the tips of my fingers were pink and almost bleeding, but the thought of climbing at another new gym was too good to pass up.

We arrived around 1pm and climbed for about 2 hours. The tall boulders were a refreshing change! They also had an extra tall wall beginning with a roof then bending out to a less steep face with long zig-zag ~30 move problems. After warming up of course, I hopped on and flashed a v2-v3 which surprised me because usually my endurance is awful. Despite that, neither of us accomplished anything to write home about. It was a shame. Altitude was a fantastic place to climb and train, but I just didn’t have much in the tank. However, I was happy we went because it was still fun and I still got to work on beta. My skin disagreed, but it was still worth it!

No surprise that Thursday was a slow day. It would be our last day in Kingston so we decided to just take it easy. Rest days were absolutely necessary at this point as we both felt over worked. If we didn’t have a comp in a couple of days it would have been fine, but knowing we needed to be our best for the weekend really forced us to lay low. The Boiler Room was calling our name, but we knew we couldn’t go and take it easy. Not complaining though, it was a nice relaxing rest day. I’ve never watched so much Dog the Bounty Hunter in my life.

Yummy breakfast everyday!

Now we’re siting in our hotel room in Toronto watching TV and thinking about our early start tomorrow (up at 6:15!!). I had an awesome week and definitely believe it was worth the trip! Would I do an impromptu training trip again? Absolutely! If you’re reading this and thinking you should do the same – just do it! It wasn’t an extravagant vacation, but they don’t always have to be. Just do it!

I’ll have a separate post about our Toronto competition this weekend, as this post is already kinda long. I’ll update as soon as I can. Thanks for following along! (That sounds Dr. Seuss-ish).

Climb on xx