Packing for My Flight to Red Rocks & Bishop

I usually enjoy packing, but I did not find this time all that enjoyable. I’ve never had to pack for a 3 week climbing and camping trip before, let alone one by PLANE. In a car it’s pretty easy to just bring everything you can think of, but when you’re flying it becomes a costly mistake to bring that extra Nalgene you may or may not need.

In less than a week, I’ll be setting off on a 3 week trip with multiple destinations ultimately ending in Nevada and California. First, I’ll be in Prince George to visit my little brother for a few days. Later that week I’ll then fly to Edmonton for Nationals. After a quick weekend there we will then fly to Las Vegas to spend two weeks splitting our time between Red Rocks and Bishop. I’m absolutely stoked. But, that means I need to pack for multiple occasions!

I think I did quite well. I have a duffle bag with wheels from Costco (50$, can’t go wrong) that has just enough space for the essentials. After playing around with positions and compartments, my fully stuffed bag weighs 47 pounds, only 3 pounds shy of being considered “overweight”. Therefore, it is indeed fully packed and will not hold much else. I will not even try, just in case I get to the airport and their scale is being silly.

Soo much stuff!

On top of that, I also have my day-pack carry-on and one “personal item” which is my purse. My day-pack is jam packed, so unless I make some room in my duffel bag to unload some stuff, I might need to upgrade to a slightly larger pack. Everything fits, but I would like to get at my stuff on the plane without a hassle. I know that seems like an extremely minor issue, but I like doing stuff on the plane! Sue me!

Also, I hadn’t realized how expensive it is to check luggage. Every time I enter an airport to fly somewhere on this trip, I’m obligated to pay 28$ just to check one piece of luggage. Ultimately, I will be paying this fee 4 times and spending over 100$ just on lugging stuff down there. That’s 100$ less for the penny slots, or, 100$ less food I can eat! It just stings a little is all. I think I’ll survive, though.

I think I have everything I need, but one can never be sure can they? I figure as long as I have the basic camping stuff (which I do), my shoes, and clothes, I can figure out the rest when I’m down there. The main purpose of packing everything so early was to make sure that the duffel bag would hold everything and to ensure I was under the 50lb limit. I’ve succeeded in that regard, so I’m happy.

You better believe I’ll be documenting this trip. Hopefully I’ll have some good sends to show, but otherwise I think it’s going to be a blast 🙂

Climb on xx

4 thoughts on “Packing for My Flight to Red Rocks & Bishop

  1. Tidy packing job – much better than I did! I’m in camping at RR now and I have a ridiculous amount of ‘stuff’ here. I packed it all a few hrs before going to the airport though.. should have been more organised!

    You’ll love it here, it’s brilliant!

    1. I’m sure the flight has jostled it all around by now haha I had to take some stuff out in the end, but I still feel like I brought a ton with me!! I can’t wait to arrive! How’s the weather??

      1. The weather’s been pretty poor actually the last week, but it’s picking up now. Nice and sunny today. The limestone drys much faster than the sandstone, and it’s pretty good actually. You’ll love it here, it’s brilliant!

        1. Awesome to hear. I’ve been checking the forecast and it seems to be looking up, so hopefully that’s the case. Happy crushing!!

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