Goals for Summer 2017

Bouldering competition season is over and rope season is about to begin which means... it's the perfect time to reset my personal goals! I love setting goals because it gets me excited to train when really all I want to do is climb. If I stay focused on what needs improvement though, I'll become a better climber in the long term which is motivation enough.

I've also chosen goals that make me excited, not necessarily goals I NEED to set. That being said, a lot of these cover weaknesses as well that I hope to overcome. Either way, I'm excited to get started. 🙂

By the end of Summer 2017 I hope to accomplish:


Goal One

I really want to get my climbing volume and lead head back! I feel like if I keep rope climbing on a regular basis, it won't seem as scary. Therefore, I feel the volume goal here is fitting! I don't anticipate reaching this goal until the end of summer. 

Goal Two

Either front or side, doesn't matter. I made some nice progress last year and I'd like to get back into that routine of stretching after every workout. I always feel better after a good stretch, and I really don't mind doing it. I'm just lazy sometimes. Also, I've never been able to do the splits and I just think they're cool. That's a good excuse for a goal!

Goal Three

I have never tried to improve on running time before so this will be a challenge! I am not a fast runner by any means, but I know with practice I can be. 

Goal Four

I know I had the physical capacity to send 12A a long time ago, so it's really the mental component holding me back. I'm hoping to check this one off this summer!

Goal Five

I do a lot of running and biking throughout the summer, so I'm mostly curious to see how far I really travel. I don't usually keep tally of distances covered so it'll be neat to see. I really don't know if 1000 km is unrealistic or too low. We shall see! 

Goal Six

I can do 14 in one go, and I'd like to push myself to get 20. I know this goal will be challenging, but I know I can do it if I keep up with my power training!! Man, I have a lot of work to do. 

Goal Seven

Core! I had to fit core in here somewhere. I'm not sure how many straight leg raises I can do now, but I know it's not even close to 20. I'd love to have the core strength and hip flexor flexibility to do a decent amount of these, which is why I've decided to include them here!

Goal Eight

Just like core, I had to add something with fingers. I haven't even attempted campusing the same rungs, but I know I can barely hold first rung on its own. So yeah, this will be a challenge.