Climbing with Louis Parkinson

If you’ve never heard of Louis Parkinson, you probably don’t watch enough Epic TV. Louis is a professional climber based out of London, England who climbs and trains as much as he breaths. I, along with much of Atlantic Canada, had the pleasure of meeting him recently on his visit to Canada.

We first met on Friday at Seven Bays’ free viewing of REACH, a climbing film by David Petts. David was a British cinematographer contracted by Epic TV to film Louis’ travels around the East coast. I met the pair of them then, and just thought they were absolutely hilarious. Even after a long days worth of climbing at Dover, they seemed eager to get out and climb again. Louis and Seb really hit it off. They seem to really speak the same “bouldering” language, albeit with different accents. Louis and David had engagements in PEI the next day, so we made plans to meet up on Sunday, and then parted ways.

Sunday sends

Sunday was long but fun. Seb and I arrived much earlier than they did, so we hiked to the boulders and hung around a bit in the sun. When I saw the pair of them approaching around the coast line, I stashed away my Cosmo and pretended like I hadn’t just spent the last hour sun bathing. Louis made a note to congratulate me on sending a V7 the day before, which I felt extra cool about. Seb and Louis both sent Aftermath V10 (with Seb getting his first V10 flash)!, and David got some nice shots with the Atlantic ocean in the background. I sent a V5 with help from Louis offering a key piece of beta, and then proceeded to make an ass out of myself with a long, drawn out top out. They didn’t laugh at my flailing, though! Although, with amount of jokes they made between each other, I bet in time I too would be the butt of their jokes. And vice versa.

We left the Aftermath area and crossed the road to Corn and Bung at the LOC so Louis could jump on some classics. He flashed Carbosaurus V11 and sent Resurrection V9. The bugs were atrocious and it was quite chilly. I made my small contribution to Epic TV by loaning David my Palm Bay buff to keep his hair out of his eyes while filming. You’re welcome, fans. Louis filmed a little thing for his sponsor La Sportiva (jealous!) and then we called it a day.

Naturally social as they were, it was very easy to hang out with them and a part of me was sad we didn’t get to do it more. They flew out the next day, which put an end to our bouldering weekend. Seb and I drove home that night thinking about their invite to Switzerland in August, and how cool that would be to climb there and with them again. For me, it was cool to watch and hang out with such a strong, down to earth climber who genuinely loves climbing. I loved watching David film his shots so effortlessly too, cracking jokes without skipping a beat. Mostly, you just can’t help but think they’d be fun people to hang around. Genuinely good people those lads (I had to hold back a terribly fake accent with them the whole time.) I’d grab a beer with them again any day!

Climb on xx


REACH by David Petts

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