What Have I Been Up To?

Greetings readers,

I feel that I have been posting sparsely lately and I do not like it one bit! I will spare you the excuses  – they’re not that important anyway. But, incase you were wondering what I’ve been up all this time, here goes:

  • Putting together some reviews of some beloved climbing products. I’ve finished writing and shooting one particular review, and will post on Thursday!

  • An ongoing project with a couple of other bloggers that will soon be finished and published for you all. It’ll make for a good read when it comes out.

  • A special paid free-lancing project that I am excited to share in about 2 months time.

  • Running and biking lots – nice weather means I’ve been working on my goal of biking/running 1000kms by summer’s end! Kill me now.

  • Climbing a little bit in the gym/Halifax/Quebec – I have a training program I’m starting at the end of June, but lately I’ve just been taking it easy and climbing for pure enjoyment. We sport climbed in Kamouraska last weekend, and I’ve been to Halifax a couple of times to film Seb bouldering or to climb myself. All fun stuff. 🙂

  • Working my day job, of course.

  • Bridesmaid stuff/ other various celebratory events.

I will have my review post out this Thursday, so stay tuned for that! I love writing on my blog and making videos, so that won’t be coming to an end any time soon. Don’t worry – a lack of posting does not equate to a lack of enjoyment. I’m just busy sometimes, you know?

As always, feel free to reach out to me about anything. Fill out a message in the contact section found in my menu above, or email me at kristademo@gmail.com.

Cheers, and…

Climb on xx