MSR Trail Lite Duo System Cook Set Review

Camping is fun, but buying new camping gear is a whole different kind of joy!

The MSR Trail Lite Duo System Cook Set is great for camping and backpacking. The 2L pot and lid fits two bowls and two sealable mugs for easy storage and portability. The whole kit is light (613g), and doesn’t take up much space for the average backpacker. The hard-anodized aluminum pot is non-stick which makes it incredibly easy to clean. Also, the colours are wicked! For 85$ CAN, you can’t get much better than that. (Find it online here at

I’d also like to point out that I am not getting paid for this. I am writing this purely as a satisfied customer!

The Components:

2 Litre Pot

What can I say, this did exactly what it was supposed to. The 2L pot is large enough to cook 2 meals at once, although I’ve seen friends cook 3 meals on occasion. The pot is quite deep, but I was still able to stir the contents at the bottom with my regular length spatula. At one point I left my macaroni cooking too long before stirring but found none of it had stuck to the sides. The non-stick works!

Make sure your lid is secure before straining your liquid – I’ve seen far too many pasta spills. It’s just a sad sight to see, and I’d hate for it to happen to you. Only YOU can prevent pasta spills!

Insulated Mugs

Wonderful. The air was pretty chilly, but my coffee managed to stay coffee-hot for about 10+ minutes! This was a much better outcome than expected. I felt little heat from the cups meaning they’re decently insulated. I anticipate using this for hot and cold drinks, but have yet to test the effectiveness of it in the heat (as I tested this in cold weather). I love the rounded design for its space-saving capabilities but also because it’s just easy to grip. You could almost say they’re “burning-forearm-pump” friendly. 


My bowl was not too hot on my barehands when I was eating my hot pasta. The bowl itself is stiff and doesn’t wobble around when scraping the sides with a spork either. The most impressive part I think is how stain resistant they are. We forgot to pack our mini paper towels thus forcing us to wait until we got home to wash out our tomato sauce residue. Almost 24 hours without washing and the stain still came off. Amazing. A god send for us forgetful folk.

Everything fits inside the pot!

Overall a great buy! The MSR Trail Lite Duo System pot set is perfect for one person or two; you could use both cups/bowls at once for different food items, or share them with your partner. The pot is tall, and will take up space but that is true of any sort of cooking set. I like knowing that I can invest money in something that will both serve the purpose I need it to and serve me a long, long time. I believe this set will do just that.

I’m working on building up a nice quality camping kit. If you have any other products in mind that relate to either climbing OR camping, let me know! 🙂


Climb on xx

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