#tuesdaycorenight #11 – November 3, 2015

#tuesdaycorenight #11 – November 3, 2015

Howdy! Tuesday core night is revived again for another week. Let’s get pumped up to work on some core! Just like every week, this won’t take up much of your time, so please consider giving it a shot! But always remember: core is important. I say this every week to remind you… and, to remind myself.

I’ve been doing this core night thingy for awhile now and I’ve┬áhad nothing but positive feedback. Thank you so much to everyone who spends a few minutes to humour me, it really does mean a lot.

Without further ado, here’s this week’s workout. I’ve decided to throw it back to the basics, well, climbing basics, with some good old fashioned leg lifts. This is a great exercise for climbers because it’s working the same muscles used to bring your legs back up on the wall after a foot cut. Unfortunately, you do need a pull up bar or something you can hang from for this workout. My gym has a hangboard so I will do it there! Enjoy:)

Max leg lifts, 5 min rest

Repeat x4

Me mid leg-lift. Hang and slowly bring straight legs up to a 90 degree bend at your waist, featured here. Slowly lower your legs back down, trying not to swing or use momentum.


**Note: This is much harder than it seems. If you find that you are unable to keep your legs straight, bend your legs and bring your knees high. This variation is almost just as good, so don’t worry!

climb on xx

#tuesdaycorenight #10 – October 27, 2015

#tuesdaycorenight #10 – October 27, 2015

Another Tuesday core night has arrived! I hope most of you are settling back nicely into gym climbing with the cold weather creeping in. It’s been quite chilly around here lately but it’s Canada, and it’s fall! It’s to be expected.

I’ve had a lot of suggestions given to me lately on what to include on #tuesdaycorenight so you’ll find the structure changing slightly from week to week. No matter the structure, I promise to always keep them short! This week’s workout is similar to my last few posts, but with a slight variation. I’ve decided to do without the rests in between sets, and the sets have become shorter. Don’t close this window just yet! I found this workout even easier than the one with rests, so give it a shot! This one is only 8 minutes! Enjoy ­čÖé

30 secs: L leg lifts – lay flat on your back, arms by your side. Bring your straight legs up to a 90┬║ bend at your waist. Lower your legs slowly, and repeat. (Your body looks like an “L”, hence the name)

30 secs: side plank

30 secs: side plank (opposite side)

30 secs: bicycles

Repeat 4X

climb on xx

#tuesdaycorenight #9 – October 20, 2015

#tuesdaycorenight #9 – October 20, 2015

Tuesday just creeps up on us so quickly, doesn’t it? If this is your first time following my #tuesdaycorenight posts, welcome! I created this weekly post┬áto remind you to focus on your core, even if it is only once a week. Like most core routines, mine are short and sweet! Intense but quick, so it’s (theoretically) easier to push through.

This routine is similar to last week’s except it is┬áslightly more amped up. I look forward to doing this tonight with the girls. We throw on some good tunes, clear some space and get to it. We try our best to make it enjoyable – it helps us ignore the burning sensation. If you can’t get your crew together, turn on the TV or lay outside in the sun (if you live in a magical non-frigid place unlike myself). Enjoy! ­čÖé

**note: Each set begins with a different exercise; the exercises that follow remain the same.

Repeat X3

1st set only: 1 min: hold leg raise (lay flat on your back, with legs 1/2 foot hovering over ground. Hold!)

2nd set only: 1 min: straight arm plank

3rd set only: 1 min: forearm plank

1 min: bicycle

1 min: side plank (rotate side after 30secs)

1 min: bicycles

2min rest


climb on xx

#tuesdaycorenight #8 – October 13, 2015

#tuesdaycorenight #8 – October 13, 2015

Alright, let’s do this. No gimmicky intro this time – ┬ásometimes the best motivation comes from within. Join me for a short (but of course, brutal) core exercise! I know you’re already doing so well with your exercise regime and your climbing projects, but it doesn’t hurt to throw a little core in there once in awhile, am I right?

Make sure to hashtag #tuesdaycorenight on instagram so I can see how hard you’re working and also to be featured in one of my future posts!

This week’s routine is something a friend and I did last week, and will be doing again tonight. It really had us laying on the floor, clutching our abs in pure agony. So, you know, it’s good! Enjoy! ­čÖé

Repeat x3

1 min straight arm plank

1 min bicycles

1 min side plank (rotate other side after 30secs)

1 min bicycles

2 min break

climb on xx